D U S T Y D O O R S , carl sandburg

Child of the Aztec gods,
how long must we listen here,
how long before we go?

The dust is deep on the lintels.
The dust is dark on the doors.
If the dreams shake our bones,
what can we say or do?

Since early morning we waited.
Since early, early morning, child.
There must be dreams on the way now.
There must be a song for our bones.

The dust gets deeper and darker.
Do the doors and lintels shudder?
How long must we listen here?
How long before we go?


We wanted this to look like stills from a strange beautiful movie or the creepy version of magical realism! Someone said it looks like a black metal album cover....... or if Terrence Malick and David Lynch made out.

Look for limited edition photo books next month.

jeff luker, photographer

leigh ryan, photo assistant

ryan murphy, photo assitant

victoria gomez, stylist

kelly sawdon, producer

claudine ebel, hair + make up

azsa west, dj / entertainer / sherpa

julia blackburn, designer

models: adazoe, ryann bosetti, meagan griswold, emi kane, olivia mick

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website by mark searcy